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Warning: This place is a summary of all the oc "lore" I have come up to this day. It contains transgressive art and taboo themes, all sprinkled with a dose of hentai bullshit and fetishes. If you don't like what the kiddos call 'problematic' I recomend you go away and continue with your life. :). Read my Likes page so you know what you can expect from my works.


The year is 1993 and some bitches are doing their worst to survive their shitty lives.

The world is divided in various 'series', I will list the principal and the ones I have focused on the most:
-"Keeping up with the Archangels ft J.Crist"
-Jardín de las Delicias
-Stardew Demons
-The Gang
-Dolma Family Values
•Granjita (Animal Friends)
-Bizcocho & co.
-Sea Creatures
-Shota Farm
-Life in the Farm

Stuff irl that exists in this fictional world as a tribute/parody:

Details to be aware of:A lot of violence, hentai, shotaloli, incest and fetish ship (like breeding and mpreg). Also ship name order is crucial to understanding the dynamics of this work.




Satana Caligari:A lovely Bimbo, she comes from a huge powerful family (problematic, demonic rituals+cult). She lives with Zarza. Loves playing videogames and is a R+ fan. Huge titi.
Zarzaparrilla:Old and tired, you better not botter her. Heavy smoker. Won't talk unless extremely necessary. Comes from a good father, was rised on a small desertic town. Hates people and loves money. Satana is an exception.
Chicote:Piece of shit. Cursed girl, older than Satana and younger than Zarza. She hates Zarza's guts but is a coward. Will only try to 'eat her food' when she's not around. One sided love for Satana or, to be specific, Satana simp número 1. She's actually a girl who was cursed bc she was a piece of shit.


Created on 2016 as "pokemon ocs", through the years, they became this mess.
These 3 are the "main characters" of the whole "story". Story I say but there really isn't one, all my ocs are basically existing and I just want to show their lives.
These girls are basically living together and go to work like everyone else, they don't live in luxury but they survive. Satana as said above, comes from a very wealthy family, where every member has to be part of rituals to a demonic 3 headed snake deity to keep their power-wealth. She was a sacrifice and since her personality is basically being a dumb lovely bimbo, she isn't traumatized or anything. Normal stuff in her life. She was made to serve the Snake deity since she was a toddler and after some years, she started going to a school for other wealthy powerful people, she would get bored and skip classes to go play arcade games on little convenience stores. In one of her outings, she met Zarza by accident and their fate was sealed.
Zarza is 15 years older than Satana, at first she isn't interested in treating with some dumb girl but ends up being charmed by her. Satana is like a huge temptation, but always is the one starting shit. Zarza comes from a faraway place and went to live in the city after his father died from illness when she was 17. Zarza is pretty serious and is unable to tolerate people's bullshit, so she's practically an hermit, until she meets with Satana, who is the exception of the rule. She has touched her deeply and can be a BIT vulnerable with her.
And last we have Chicote. Her real name is unknown, she is a piece of shit girl who loves to con people for personal gain. She loves tits. She will try to trick anyone to get what she wants, and a lot of the time it will come back to spit on her face. She's 27, 7 years older than Satana and 8 years younger than Zarza. She met with Satana when she was 8 (she would have been 15) and 'fell in love' with her. She was already cursed in that bug shape, so Satana didn't really know Chicote was a girl at first, until many years later they crossed paths again. She was a companion to Satana for (tit) reasons, like a small devil on her shoulder to do whatever. When Satana met Zarza chicote was paying some debt and the 'damage' was already done when she was actually back like a year later. Chicote hates Zarza because she sees her as the one who ruined all her opportunities. Chicote never had a chance. Now she's just Satana's biggest simp. Even tho she would take a chance on gropping Satana whenever Zarza isn't around, and since Satana grew up being 'used' like that, is no big deal when it happens. Satana only feels true pleasure in every sense of the word when she's with Zarza, because she's very in love. Zarza can be very protective of Satana whenever the other little shit starts with her advances.
Their story is simple like that, they just live and do everyday shit to survive. I will talk more in detail about their background stories in the main gallery page.



Arcángel Miguel:Eldest of the archangels. He was born from an amber egg and has hummingbird wings. He's the angriest and most serious of the archangel siblings, and doesn't tolerate their bullshit (especially Lucifer's). He will tolerate making money though. They have to maintain their appeareances as mighty deities in a shit rotten world. He is the 'moral correctness but make it hypocritical' image. High and mighty but he's a savage inside.
Arcángel Lucifer:He's actually a seraph, and at first the 'most beloved' of 'God', but he only cares for Miguel's attention. Everyone else can go to fuck themselves. He's evil, but always tries to please Miguel. He always tried to do good deeds that ended being bad without him knowing they were doing harm, then after Miguel's lack of interest and also anger towards his deeds, he started being more vicious about his 'creations' and actions. He created many small demons that start being all cute but end up in many shapes and behaviors. Some can be 'good', some can be bad. His actions nowadays consist on making as much money as he can so Miguel's proud of him.He has peacock wings and was born from a peridot egg.
Arcángel Rafael:Rafael was the third born many years after the other two. Miguel had to take care of his egg, so Lucifer was stupidly jealeous of him. He's the most humble and quiet of the bunch. He takes care of animals and protects them. He doesn't like to be the center of attention in any way, he would rather do his stuff quietly far away from the noise and chaos of places like the city. He has stork wings and was born from an egg with many different stones.(Must look on my old concept archives from years ago to remember this data).
Arcángel Gabriel:Gabriel is the smallest of the archangel siblings. Since Lucifer's hate was mostly directed to Rafael, Gabriel was mostly left alone, so he is the most independant one. He is the cutest and most popular of the bunch, since his personality is friendly and happy in comparison to his brothers. He is also the most pretty and the one who keeps their fortune running. Everyone prays to him and he is just so lovely. He has owl wings and was born from a moonstone egg. His egg wasn't taken care of too much, since Miguel was already pretty busy with other things.
Jesus F. Crist:The most beloved son of God! He is an absolute bimbo. Dumb and cute and people love him. The archangels were in charge of him on parts of his life and are practically half siblings, so Lucifer wants him AWAY. But can't because it's Miguel's job to have him safe. He would be in many REDACTED situations and everyone would see it as normal (example: Last supper bukkake, riding a donkey naked...etc, bible bimbofication.)


These characters came to live tru a graphic design portfolio (school project) I did back in 2012. I conceived a whole concept with the angels but since it's been 10 years, I barely remember a lot of their details right now....Basically, you have the angsty one-sided (of sorts) brocon Lucifer and the "we must make money and save face" -thight assed- Miguel, plus the little bros who are trying to survive by their own mediums and also not take part on their elder bros' shit. In 1993 they basically are 'stars', I compare the whole thing as kpop nowadays, where you have stans and fangirls and armys and whatever. Let's pretend that in this world 'Catolisism' works in that way (you already have the fanatics and weirdos and the merch). So you have them all 4 of them living in a huge temple-church-mansion and they are celebrities, and like that k*rdashian reality show, they must show a bit of their lives. Well, after writing all that it doesn't sound as good as I'm imagining it all, so yeah. I have to actually draw and make a full gallery with that to express it better. SOON.
They sell merch like kpop merch, they make albums, calendars, mugs, all kinds of silly merch plus shit like rosaries and stuff that catolics sell (like candles and bibles and shit). They also sell figures of themselves and plushies and charms,etc,etc. People's absolute fave is always Gabriel. Another detail about them is that each one has their own 'branch' of churches, so the keepers of each vary depending on their 'patron'. For example you have Lucifer's church, where only his demons serve and demons and shady people attend. Miguel's church is composed of angesl that he created, just like in Lucifer's situation. Rafael and Gabriel use simple humans in their respective churches.
On a small note, all their churches look like whore houses, everyone is sexy or use skimpy clothing. The slutiest church ofc is Lucifer's.
You can also hire and open small franchises of these churches for a price, for example, you can make a special pact with Lucifer and he would open a small chapel on your business (example, a hospital) and he would sell his merch on the place. Everyone wins, people can go pray and buy shit while you have an archangel blessing on your business.





Ramona Von Richter

Leader of the Mob

Nickname:Ramona onee-chan (Tabatha), Aneki (Mitsuru)
Birthday:January 4th 1969
Species:Vampire Bat
Blood Type:AB-
Sign:Capricorn / Rooster (1969)
Place of Origin:Germany
Profession:Mob Boss, Bussiness woman.
Family:The Von Richter's.
Friends:The Mobster, The Pagliacci sibblings.
Enemies:The Coldtouch Gang

Hasegawa, Mitsuru (長谷川充)

Ramona's bodyguard

Nickname:Mitcchan (Ramona, Tabatha), Hasegawa (Reda)
Birthday:November 3rd 1967.
Blood Type:O+
Sign:Scorpio / Goat (1967)
Place of Origin:Japan
Family:Hasegawa,Midori and Gang Boss -redacted-.
Friends:The Mobster, The Pagliacci Siblings
Enemies:Coldtouch Gang, especially Bernadette.

Reda Zakaria

Accountant and torturer

Nickname:Zakaria (Mitsuru), Zacharie (Ramona), Master (Tabatha)
Birthday:July 18th 1966.
Blood Type:dust
Sign:Cancer, Horse (1966)
Place of Origin:Egypt
Profession:Accountant, torturer, info seller.
Family:Zakaria (father), Bahiti (mother)
Enemies:Coldtouch Gang

Tabatha Gagnon

Brawn and info collector

Nickname:Tabby(Ramona), TabaTaba (Mitsuru), Gagnon (Reda)
Birthday:February 28th 1977.
Blood Type:A+
Sign:Pisces / Snake (1977)
Place of Origin:France
Profession:Thief, Bodyguard
Family:Ramona, Dmitri
Friends:The Mobster, The Pagliacci siblings
Enemies:The Coldtouch Gang


Adelheide Jekyll

Leader of the gang

Nickname:"Doktor" (Margot,Bjørn), Heidi (Bernadette), Hyde (the Mobster)
Birthday:June 06, 1966
Species:Two face, clone/experiment
Blood Type:B+
Place of Origin:Germany
Profession:Surgeon, scientist, knows about laws.
Family:Dr Jekyll (✝), Bernadette
Friends:The Gang
Enemies:Ramona Von Richter & co.

Bernadette Schwarz

Adelheide's bodyguard

Nickname:das Püppchen (Adelheide), Bernie (Margot), Bern (Bjørn)
Blood Type:Sawdust + dry leaves
Place of Origin:Germany
Profession:Bodyguard, nurse
Family:Dr Jekyll (✝), Adelheide
Friends:The Gang
Enemies:Anyone who wants to harm Adelheide

Margot Weiß

Torturer, marketing leader and publicist

Nickname:Marge (Adelheide), Margie (Bernadette), Gött (Bjørn)
Birthday:August 09, 1967
Blood Type:ectoplasma
Sign:leo, goat (1967)
Place of Origin:Ireland
Profession:Torturer, Spy, Graphic Designer/Publicist
Family:Father & Mother
Friends:The Gang
Enemies:The Mobster

Bjørn "Nalle" Dolma

Assassin, butcher and hunter, dirty job especialist. Psychopath

Nickname:Nalle (her family and Margot), Dolma (Adelheide), The Butcher (everyone who has heard of her + The Mobster)
Birthday:December 24, 1967
Blood Type:A+
Sign:Capricorn, goat (1967)
Place of Origin:Nepal
Profession:Butcher, assassin, cleaner, cook. Hospital Mascot (of sorts)
Family:Father & Mother + 9 brothers.
Friends:The Gang
Enemies:The Mobster


The Mobster story starts in 1983, 10 years prior the Malas Influencias timeline (where they all mix together officially).
The whole Mobster story is about mafia monster girls doing ugly mafia things. Yeah, that's the plot. TBH they are practically a selfindulgent mix of a lot of things I loved as a kid (especially classic monsters and creatures).
The Mobster starts as a small mafia, since they are still girls, but they start growing and taking more control of business. They have it 'easy' because their leader is daughter of a big powerful vampire family (that controls almost everything basically), so their organization is pretty much stablished since the very beginning, they don't have many difficulties in regards of stablishing themselves in the 'circle'.
In contrast, we have The Gang, the direct 'nemesis' of the Mob. The big difference between them is that they had to make their way with not much funds or contacts to start their organization. So their leader, Adelheide, has a huge grudge with Ramona. Fun thing that Ramona doesn't see her as a menace and has a laugh at Adelheide's anger and hate. The Gang's business is health, basically, they own a huge hospital that makes shady transactions and also has a huge organ traffic market going on. Plus many criminals of high regard go there and pay big sums of money that keep the business going.
This is basically some sort of slice of life mixed with acid humor and violence. Plus lesbianism.

Gallery + Compilatory book



Bizcocho:From all the animals Bizcocho is the most important of them all, because he was the first animal friend I drew and it made me think of making even more. He is a cow and is super cute, has 10 kids with a wolf and both are very happy animals. Bizcocho works being the image of a huge milk producer if not almost the whole milk industry. He sells his milk and sometimes gets hired to go promote new milk products on supermarkets and places like that.
I won't mention the rest because I wouldn't even finish naming them all. All you have to know is that all of them are mostly for fap material purposes.
The farm has cows, pigs, horses, dogs, cats, snakes, chickens, goats, sheep, ducks, geese. Alongside them are caretakers and farmers who 'feed' and care for them.

They don't really have a story, they exist for fun and for unleashing creativity on how creatures might work if they were treated like animals irl with ofc, the high dose of xxx.

Original characters!

-3 girls 1 smoke: Satana, Zarza and Chicote, a pretty normal chaotic trio. (If normal can be a huge tited bimbo, a hag and a shitty insect who is actually another girl).
-Farm: hentai fetish galore! What if you had sexy dudes but they had animal attributes? That's it. Just an excuse to make monster tits + dicks.
-Angelorum: Me, taking the archangels and Jesus to make my own mess. The archangels are like kpop idols and Jesus is a bimbo. Also this one includes sexy demons and angels and a mix of them all creating more hentai monstrosities.
-Mobster: Mob and Gang are the classic monsters but make them all girls and mafia. Badass girl slice of life if you’re a shady monster who loves money and power.
All of the above mix together as in, they live in the same world and simultaneously.

Gonna add a long ass ship list here later.


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