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Artistic Inspiration

Yoshitaka Amano, Van Gogh, Schiele, Basquiat, MC Escher, El Bosco, Osamu Tezuka, ONE, Kouta Hirano, Shinkiro, Takato Yamamoto, Suehiro Maruo, Ayami Kojima.

Art styles
80-90’s anime, old cartoons, expressionism, impressionism, mannerism.

Art Tools
Pen, pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, crayons, markers. I try to emulate this materials when doing my digital artwork. I still am in the search of the perfect brushes to reproduce the serotonin these materials give to my brain.

Personal Likes regarding art
I love messy and sketchy art. I’m not much into overly rendered art because I feel it’s devoid of emotion…this is just the way I feel, so don’t take it personal if you enjoy that kind of stuff. I love ‘badly done’ 3D, art that looks ‘old’, grotesque art and looking at concept art. In fanfic I enjoy many things, but character studies are definitely my fave.

Video games
MOTHER series, Chrono Trigger, TLoZ:(OoT,MM,TPP), Yoshi's Island/ Yoshi's Story, Metal Slug, Donkey Kong Country I,2 &3 (SNES), OFF, Yume Nikki, Space Funeral, Hylics, StarFox (SNES), Megaman X, Super Metroid, PKMN, Final Fantasy VI, Secret of Mana, Trials of Mana, Castlevania:SotN & AoS, Kirby Dreamland 3, Animal Crossing, King of Fighters,Art of Fighting, Waku Waku 7, Darkstalkers, Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury, Garou Mark of the Wolves, Marvel vs SNK, Devil May Cry, Stardew Valley, Puzzle Bobble, Groove on Fight, Undertale/Deltarune, Disco Elysium, Resident Evil 2 & 4, Story of Seasons, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne, Raidou Kuzunoda I & II, No More Heroes I, II, III, Ace Attorney, Deresute, TF2, Blasphemous, Conker's Bad Fur Day, MGS, Grim Fandango

Video game music, Anything before 2014…….OFC there’s recent music that I enjoy a lot but I’m a boomer.

Current top 5: Mushishi, Mononoke, Akagi, Pop Team Epic, Hellsing

Pet Shop of Horrors, Gin to Kin, MP100, Saint Oniisan.

Tom & Jerry,Wacky Races, first 3 seasons of SpongeBob, Looney Tunes, 31 minutos

Current top 5: The Hitcher (1986), Dead Ringers, The Fall, Scarecrow (1973), Hombre Mirando al Sudeste. Animated Movies
Gato con Botas 2, Mi Villano Favorito 1 y 3, Atlantis


I love a lot of ships but you know what I love the most? when people know and respect SHIP NAME ORDER. Ship name order helps other people to know what kind of dynamics they could expect from an artist. Maybe ppl nowadays don't care about what ship order means in exchange for their pairings to have 'cool ship name', but I'm a boomer in that regard...


Since there are people who need this said because they lack common sense, all my likes belong in the FICTIONAL REALM. With that said, let’s proceed.

Recurrent tropes on all my fave shit: one sided, obsession, brainwashing, obliviousness, manipulation.
Angst, breeding, yandere, obsession, tragedy, twncst, age gap, feminization.

OOC, secs without pleasure, established relationships (unless they are canonically an old married couple).

Regarding gender themes in fictional works, I don’t like to use labels, dysphoria or pride flags in my work...just no. I don't enjoy exploring or using that on my artwork, I have my own personal reasons as to why I don't like it. We should respect this kind of desitions, bc you don't know what is the status of the other person in their real life outside the net.

As an ending note, this likes page is a way to put out some thoughts that are my own and how I see some things that relate to my art.


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