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Here is a list of some of my fave fics, most of them are spicy. The list will keep updating as long as I'm alive.

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Fic Taste
Beneath the Arbor IchiKara GOOD LORD, THIS FIC IS2G, it has my panties on fire. Mafia!Au with Kara fucking up a bussiness and Ichi being the Mafia's Don. Sexiness unleashes. What is killing me right now is the fact that is ongoing :'DDDDDDDD boi the delicious pain. It also has my fave specific IchiKara taste, tall dominating Ichi and a Kara under his claws with a "I want but I don't but I do" vibe that I simply love. Maid outfits as well ;) I wanna make fanart of this one so badly T_T
Ichimatsu Fucks a Tree IchiKara I had the sudden want to submerge on IchiKara once again and BOI, I have discovered a few tasty fics with little searching. I'm very VERY specific with my IchiKara flavor and this fic has it all. I love the way Ichi is depicted, his 18 era being one of a huge mask over his real self and acting all cheerful and being also popular...and the high contrast of Kara being shy and an overall good boi (tm). I adore how this writer plays with both those characteristics. Excellent food, highly recomend :Q. If you love non-con and mindgames AND TOP ICHIMATSU *chef kiss* please take a look ;3
Last Ends IchiKara Another fic by Tetrimidion, same author as Ichimatsu Fucks a Tree. I spent 5 days reading this fic, an IchiKara thriller fic. Amazing and also the same IchiKara flavor I adore. I couldn't do anything else until I had finished reading, is2g, 16 chapters of tons of emotions. I'm in love with the end~
Like a Doll Butters/Cartman HOLY FUCK, I came upon this fic when I was just starting to watch South Park and was very interested in bataeri and how others viewed the ship. At first I was like "???" is this how Butters is? everyone else seems to depict him as a very soft boy. I enjoyed reading the fic, but I felt that I was lacking context regarding knowing the characters more deeply. I also watched postcovi special when I was starting season 6, where Butters was getting actual attention as a character, and was like...mmmm future Butters is fucking dark, I adore him, but DAMN, I still lack context. THEN after actually advancing more and more tru the seasons, I just KNEW this was the Butters I was looking for, it all made sense.Butters is really fucking dark and (for me) true evil, Cartman is shit evil, but Butters is a special kind of evil that can surpass even Eric. That's why this fic is so special to me, I love this twisted Butters depiction, that is SO RARE, at least for me, I still haven't found another fic that touches this kinda flavor for Butters. I wanna keep this fic forever because I just love when Eric gets a taste of his own medicine but multiplied by x1000. I just wanna thank and praise this author forever.
Sweet Dreams (and Bold Choices) Butters/Cartman This is my absolute fave fic of bataeri with them as their "current age". The way their "physical experimentation" is written here is GODLY. This is the kind of fics that stimulate my neurons to the fullest, the character study of early age discovery is just something that hits different with this kind of characters, especially their dynamic. Once again, it explores Butters taking the initiative and we see his POV. I totally adore this fic. Is my fave and don't wanna ever lose it alongside "Like a Doll". I just love seeing top Butters...and since he is either depicted as a bottom or as switch, I take the fics who make him a top very close to my heart. I'm very picky when talking ships and dynamics, so it's very hard for me to see Butters as a switch or bottom. Sorry, I have brainworms....
BFF (Boob Fucking Forever) Kenny/Cartman Just excellent. Another delicious piece by the same author of "Sweet Dreams (and Bold Choices)". I'm not a Kenman shipper, BUT when it comes to them being sluts, it's a total different thing. The way Kenny is portrayed here *chef kiss* my fave kinda Kenny. Cartman's obsession with money is something that can be very exploitable and this fic hits the nail. I enjoy the idea of Kenny using Cartman like this and Cartman being all freaked out but eventualy giving romo. Kenny and Cartman can hatefuck in my books, but Cartman's heart belongs with Butters (and Kenny knows it, so he would totally bother Cartman for it and give xxx advise to Butters ¬u¬) (note to self: write my Kenny, Butters and Cartman headcanons.)
Boxing Day Stan/Kyle I came looking for Jimbo/Ned but it was a style fic. I really loved the exploration of Stan and Kyle as they grew up appart and re-encountered back again. I really like Kyle and Stan as a pairing, I still need to find more fics about them two. The relationship and study of Jimbo here regarding Ned's death really touched me as well :') (I need more JimboNed....)
i hear the anguish of the street Asagiri Minori & Mogami Keiji Character study of the highest most tastiest flavor.
Knife Krauser/Leon This is THE Krauser x Leon fic. Brainwashing in all it's delicious glory. I never wanna lose it.
In Which Guy is an Oblivious Idiot, and Kakashi is Exclusively Attracted To Idiots GaiKaka. Oblivious Gai x Horny Kakashi, apetite fullfilled.
Chimney Smoke Lane Jim Halsey/ John Ryder A 2003 fanfic of The Hitcher (1986) It's simply the best and a jewel for me. Makes me cry to have found an antique fic of my absolute fave movie of all time that touches things that I like to explore on this ship.
Worth It RickMorty, MiamiRickMorty This is one of the fics that when you read, you can't imagine your ship in any other way. This fics aligns (I dare say) a 100% of how I view this ship (or both in this case). Simply delicious.
Fanfare RickMorty, SuperMortyFanRick/SuperRickFanMorty God another fic from my fave rickmort writer *¬* I just love the way they have made a whole world around these versions of the characters. They feel so alive and I just wanna keep reading more about them. Long and exciting fic, still in progress but the wait is worth every second. Keeping my eye out for upcoming chapters `q`
Sensual Geometry Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange You read that right. I ship them EXTREMELY hard. There's just something especial on the relationship between 'inanimate' object and human that makes my brain go full monkey noises. I don't much care about MCU or superhero comics in general, but since I 'grew up' with the hype of the movies on my late teens, I have fond memories of some characters. Long story short, my Holmes obsession got me to obsess over Benedict Cumberbatch and I fell for Strage as well, the Cloak of Levitation helped A LOT into me hyperfocusing on this character so...yeah, I'm going tru a mini Strange hype atm and I'm hella glad to know there are others who ship these two <3333. This fic is extremely juicy and tasty. It has the perfect characterization from both parts. I adore this fic. Delicious, must re-read.
Five realizations and One action Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange Excellent slow build. Character study of both and how their relationship develops. Delicious nsfw almost at the end plus the aftermath.
Two Shoes for a Hat Watson/Holmes(DowneyMovies) Rdjude Watson/Holmes was my everything for me back on 2010, this fic is recent tho. It's hard for me to find this kind of take on the ship, also since the most popular version of the pair is bbc one. This fic is amazing, adore the characterization so much it hurts. As if they would have met like this in the movies. I feel it. Another fic I don't want to ever lose.
Bark, dog. The Lighthouse yaoi. TopRobPat/BottomDafoe. Short and sexy. Everything I wanted.
hallowed heart kakuhi The BEST kakuhi fic. The little details and "lore" put into it is excellent. Extra love because of Kakuzu's masks. I adore his masks and when they are treated like "pets".
Tea Leaves and Transcendence kakuhi The BEST kakuhi fic. Huh- wait. BEST kakuhi writer. I love how they handle Hidan's quirks with Jashin and everything's just *chef kiss* Hidan's horniness is just too well written. Excellent.
Zombie Combo kakuhi The only kakuhi "fix-it", or "they don't die", fic. PERFECTION. On character. I don't want to ever lose this fic!!
Apples and Oranges Nook/Redd This is the only Tom Nook x Redd fic I need. Nothing can top it.
And I His God kakuhi I made a whole ass animated comic out of this fic. That's how much I loved it!
Needed yashisato (bokumachi) My absolute fave Yashiro x Satoru. Delusional Yashiro *chef kiss*.
Lunch Break Utsuro/Oboro/Shouyou(gintama) The fic I didn't know I needed from gintaman. A rare ship, but extremely tasty nonetheless.
Do What You Want OkiHiji(gintama) It's the ONLY OkiHiji fic I have found in the exact flavor I prefer. It's hard to find OkiHiji (TopOkita) v.v but this one is hella bc Tosshi comes into the scene and makes it kinda 'sick one-sided obsession'.
Not This Again ichikara (ososan) Tasty. Excellent. THE IchiKara. High Impact Sexual Violence. Morning Ichikara quickie.
sometimes, we fall ichikara (ososan) PWP Ichikara. High Impact Sexual Violence again.
Sweet Dreams ichikara (ososan) Somno Ichikara is just too excellent.
Masking His Feelings ichikara (ososan) JasonIchixBathrobeKara. Neat.
Charlie Becomes the Scientist's Bitch Scientist/Charlie (asip) Another rare pair. From back when Pacific Rim was everywhere, the ship of the scientist was popular, and casually Hermann's actor was on always sunny as a scientist, and ofc, Charlie the stupid fuk he is was an experiment. This fic is complete brainwashing and manipulation. Truly an excellent piece that I don't want to ever lose. From back on 2013.
Wilting eruri (snk) "Levi wilts" has to be one of my fave tags this fic has. Depressing eruris is my fave eruri flavor.
not easy to forget eruri (snk) Another depressing eruri. Depressed Levi is everything.
Teacup ENG eruri (snk) I LOOOOVE it when eruri is subtle. Sweet. sfw.
Time-and-a-Half mobrei (mp100) voyeour mob, onahole reigen, can i make it more obvious?
Something's Gotta Give GaiKaka A recent discovery. I loved it a lot because it explores the 'friends with benefits' area. I'm all in for gaikakas where Gai is super oblivious and doesn't acknowledge his feelings towards Kakashi's serious advances, BUT this gaikaka in which both have it going on but don't acknowledge each other more than having a 'sex arrangment' of sorts, and they don't even discuss it (AND YEARS HAVE PASSED) is *chef kiss*. This one has extra points because Kakashi is obsessed with having Gai for himself and no one else. YES. I love obsessive Kakashi.
He Took His Arms and Legs Away MortRick I love Evil Morty and this fic is super neat. Haven't found almost any EM fics in my specific taste.
Some Fries With That Shake ShakeLock(AquaTeenHungerForce) I'm not really surprised to see that there are only 8 fics of this pairing on Ao3. Or maybe I am. Anyways, I LOVE this pairing and what it ensues. You have a piece of shit asshole and a serious/not so serious nerd living in the same place alongside a 'child' of sorts. They are chaos, and I like to imagine all the tension going on with them together. The material is all right there for anyone to grab and start with the shipping possibilities. This fic is the best representation of what would happen if they were humanized, THE DYNAMIC IS GODLY EXPLORED, very on character writing, explores Fry's bondage fetish and Shake is just Shake. 11/10. I need to draw something inspired on this fic. (Fic is from 2015 TT)
The Long View Down Harry/Kim(Disco Elysium) A super recent ship of mine! I adore this fic because it's all about the homoerotic tension between the two detectives. They end up having sex in the end so I give it a 9/10. IT'S EXCELLENT IN EVERY DETAIL, but I guess my personal preference makes my brain go 'this could have been IT, but they fugged'. STILL, I'm saving it forever to re-read whenever. (Also look at my hypocrisy level, the fic before this one is PWP and I'm complaining about the sex in this one...brain why are you like this....)
Unexpected Shelters Harry/Kim(Disco Elysium) NON SEXUAL bed-sharing, nice tag. Nothing happens, only sweet delicious tension. 10/10 *chef kiss*
Off the Rails KudaNobo (pkmn) Twincst smut. Yes, with TOP KUDARI. As it should be.
MonophobiaKudaNobo (pkmn) This one was pretty sad. Sabumasu headcanons from author that turned out sad. I cried at the end but it was beautiful nonetheless. Extra fave points because of the tag "if you squint", which is what makes this fic even more perfect.
The Heat in the Last Car KudaNobo (pkmn) This is the best smut of these two. I love it because of top Kudari first, and second because they got the perfect characterization, it has the exact flavor I was looking for.
Don't look up to big bro Yasuo/Kenzo (kengan ashura) A hella rare ship on a not so popular series (?) I say not so popular because of the obvious lack of fics. I'm a Kenzo luvr.
in the car outside Harry/Kim (Disco Elysium) I haven't read many fics of those two but this has to be my fave AU of them. Harry was never a cop and Kim is just...Kim. I love it very much because it has slowburn elements that I personally enjoy pretty much.
Mein Tier Frau Schneider/Till-Flake-Reesh-Olli-Paul (Rammstein) This fic blows my mind and has to be my fave because of how the complete dehumanization of them all. Master/pet dynamic between Frau Schneider and the rest of the group. The femdom I needed and also delicious piece of fiction. I could talk hours about of much I love the whole world building of the human trafficking/pet making. Dark with a touch of fluff.
Silver Hammer KudaNobo (pkmn) Simply excellent. My absolute fave rendition of this ship. Emmet being obsessed with Ingo is *chef kiss*, extra sexy points if Ingo doesn't know/feigns ignorance to Emmet's advances/obvious infatuation/hunger. I made a comic inspired by it ;w;
Knightly KudaNobo (pkmn) Ingo's POV. Same author as Silver Hammer. I'm in love with Ingo being pushed by Emmet and him not feeling the same, feeling absolute guilt if arousal comes from Emmet's advances...very sexy dynamic. And ofc I had to make a comic ;w;
"Unrequited Dreams" series KudaNobo (pkmn) Exquisite setting, once again with my absolute fave dynamic of those two. Obsessive SICKO Emmet wants to own Ingo in every sense. Manipulation portrayed in the most delicious and salacious way. If a fic has top Emmet, and onahole Ingo, I'm so IN. But especially if Emmet is the one who leads and brainwashes to his whim. Read both stories NOW. Vermillion & Vermillion pt. 2
Make Me Bad KudaNobo (pkmn) More than Emmet fucking Ingo I love to read about how much Emmet struggles to keep himself in line to not just fuck Ingo right on the spot. Extra points for oblivious Ingo. Super tasty and I'm def keeping an eye out for the next update T_T
Wedding Day KudaNobo (pkmn) You know what I love? BOTTOM INGO. Damn, yes. I love the sexy portrayal of this angsty situation. Extra points for implying Emmet would commit murder. YES. Posessive Emmet is love ♥ Also, very sexy porn :Q
landslide KudaNoboKuda (pkmn) Another dynamic of the twins. It's a more human approach to their relationship and also the angst of Ingo's disappearance. It explores the feelings and changes between them and their psyche. A very lovely fic that is very different from the other fics I have on this list regarding the ship. Lovely and LONG. *q* Another difference is that here they are reversible, so yeah! Enjoy~
Eternal Bond KudaNoboKuda (pkmn) Exploration of KudaNobo tru life. Since small until Ingo's disappearance. I'm so in love because it portrays their childhood and not many are brave to do that nowadays. I love this kinda exploration, and also VERY ANSTY ENDING. I love it so much T_T Simply beautiful. I made some illustrations with parts of the fic ;u;
Broken Mirror KudaNobo (pkmn) I love the tag "extremely dubious consent". Another SICKO Emmet trying to 'help' Ingo remember tru manipulation and sex. Extra points for having Emmet do the dicking :Q__
Number one GaiKaka You know what I really love? A Kakashi who is infatuated with Gai without even realizing it. This fic is so excellent portraying that. Kakashi is the number one Gai encyclopedia in existence. Extra points for excellent Kakashi characterization. (I love the flavor). Cute fic. Sometimes GaiKaka fics are or too fluffy or too angsty...I rather read some funny GaiKaka-if-you-squint than read 20 chapters of pure painful slowburn angst...
Didn't know you cared that way Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange Perfect pwp. Tasty bottom Strange as it should always be.
Cloak Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange A bit of dynamic study with a bit of porn 👀 Not my fave porn study but is interesting nonetheless.
A cloak of many comforts Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange Cute sick fic. Cloak takes care of Strange when he has a cold 💕 sfw.
Don't think Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange Another character study of sorts. Strange gets comforted by Cloak. sfw.
Escapades Cloak of Levitation/Doctor Strange Delicious teasing. Cloak teases Strange and Strange is a bottom mess :3c Tasty porn.
I_Closed_my_Eyes.mp3-Secret of Mana
more to be added!

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