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garbage Name:

Chikote, Scum of the earth, piece of shit, trash, garbage

Thief, Conman, trash


October 10th 1966


peso escarabajo



huge tits and ass

Chikote is a cursed gal. She was cursed to take the form of a beetle 80% of the time. This is her gift, her curse, because that's how she can easily commit tons of crimes without being held accountable for them. She met the 'love of her life' Satana thanks to her cursed form. She's actual scum that cannot be trusted, she's only loyal to Satana. A coward but also an opportunist, will see how to take advantage of other's disgraces to her own well being.


Chikote's origin is pretty unknown, her real name is not known even to the artist. She remembers living on the streets since she has memory, living with vagrants and all kinds of thieves. She took all the bad influence from the streets and in the meantime got cursed to be a beetle to live as the vermin she is. Her life as a bug instead of a curse was a hidden blessing, getting free shit was easier and conning unsuspecting dumb bitches as well. When she was 17 she met a 10 year old Satana, and since she's a piece of shit, the first thing she noticed was her curvy body. She got close to Satana with the objective of fondling her body, but ended up falling for her naïvety and innocence. She was too pure to harm. Satana and her spent going on adventures for 4 years, until Chikote went away to see if she could do something about her curse. She went on a journey to pray to the Archangels, it took her 4 years to complete the penitence of serving on the temple selling merch. The curse wasn't lifted but now she can control it at will. Rafael, the Archangel of fauna, helped her with the curse manipulation. After her 4 year penitence she went back to Satana, only to find out she was together with Zarza, her self proclaimed enemy to death.

She spends her time with Satana and (ugh) Zarza, making Zarza angry because she's always trying to fondle Satana.

After spending years on the Archangel's temple, she became a fanatic of their religious paraphernalia, gettnig her own merch collection consisting on Jesus and Arhangel figs, stamps, crucifijos, etc. She has her own corner at Zarza's place full of her shit.

Her fave spot is always near Satana, or on her boobs to be exact.

Chikote Timeline

She's born, lives on the streets, get's cursed when she's 13, lives as a bug and meets Satana at 17 years old (Satana is 10), gets on her journey to lift her curse at the Archangel temple at 21 (Satana is 14), works in the temple until she's 25 and gets her curse modified and now she can control when to turn into human, at the same time she comes back to Satana only to find out she's with Zarza, they live together now, she's currently 27 (1993).





Thin and long, weak. Not too tall tho. In bug form, she's chubby round.

Facial features:
Black eyes with yellow sclera because of the curse, small thin nose, a scowling/smirking mouth.

black and short

She has white skin, and is very thin, differently from Zarza, she's weak. When she's a bug she has the body of a blue beetle.

She doesn't take fashion much into account, since she's mostly on her bug form. She usually uses tank tops with short shorts. Can be fashionable when she goes out with Satana and Zarza, usually likes to wear hats and loves to also wear them in bug form. Satana tells Zarza to give her handouts.


Smoking, touching Satana's boobs, fingering Satana when Zarza is not looking.

Favorite Food:

Voice claims:
TBA tba, tba.


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