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Satana Caligari

Agua de uwu Name:
Satana Caligari

Satana, Satanita, La Chichu

Milk Delivery/Edecana en eventos


November 6th 1973


4lbs each tit.




Satana comes from a long lineage of sikos, who worship the snake god of power and wealth. She is very dumb and has stupid luck, like something bad happens but she's actually lucky (getting hit in the face but right after finding $1000.00), something like that. She might be dumb but she has a huge heart (and tits and ass).


Satana was born on the Caligari family, wich is known for sacrificing their children's innocence to a Snake deity in exchange of wealth and power. To know more about Satana we must know first where she comes from, so let's see how this clan works:

The Caligari family is known for being an endogamic clan to retain their power and bloodline, but to avoid genetic problems, they hunt for suitable gene "donors" to add to their blood. They have a main and secondary branch in the family, in wich the main is the one in charge of the sacrifices. Only the first children of the main branch can be the head of the family, and also it's their children that get to be sacrificed.

In Satana's case, she's the second child of the head of the clan, so she served the Snake deity until she was 10, like her brother Calixto. Calixto is the first born and is 10 years older than her.

Satana went to a private school for rich kids from renowned families (like hers), but since she's an airhead, she wanders to places out of school grounds to play arcade games, also to find bugs and shit. She's pretty curious (and stupid) and has the special luck of getting in trouble but inmediately finding something incredibly good.

In one of her stupid escapades, she was on a shop playing arcade games, wich resulted on her being drenched in milk but getting to meet her beloved Zarza, as I said, bad luck/instant good luck.

After 5 years of pestering Zarza, her feelings are returned and both start their long 'until something stupid kills us' appart journey.

Before meeting Zarza, Satana already knew Chikote when she was 10 years old. Since she loves bugs and creepy crawlers, Chikote was a fun find in one of her outings. They crossed paths thanks to Chikote being a perv who wanted just to touch her huge jugs. Satana was an early bloomer, so when she was 10 she was already well developed (if u kno what I mean). Chikote in her bug form was lucky because she won Satana's trust pretty easily and became friends. Satana would carry Chikote to school and to her escapades and would even adventure out more thanks to having this (bad) company. Chikote would trust her and tell her how she's actually a girl in bug form and proceed to perform a transformation in front of her. There's a period in wich Chikote and Satana get separated, and Satana eventually meets Zarza, to Chikote's surprise when she's back.

Satana is loved by both, but her heart only goes to Zarza, even tho she would let Chikote do whatever she wants to her whenever Zarza isn't noticing because she's dumb and also bc sexual activity is something natural to her after being at the mercy of the Snake when she was so small.

Satana Timeline

She's born, sacrificed at 5 years old to the Snake deity where she meets her bother for the first time, spends 5 years on the Snake temple while being educated at the same time, moves to the private school when she's 10 after being stripped off all her innocence (she's still naïve and innocent in general except xxx stuff wich she knows), at the same time she meets Chikote at that age, when she's 14 Chikote goes missing, she meets Zarza at 15, Chikote comes back 3 years later when she's 18, Zarza returns her feelings when she turns 20. At this time, she also starts working as a hostess for milk promotion alongside Zarza.



Both can be said to be a couple, they have never called each other girlfriends or anything formal but Satana knows she belongs to Zarza. Zarza is pretty protective of her and would have small fights with Chikote for being a piece of shit who wants to play with her food.


Chikote is Satana's simp. She would do anything to touch her tits and also to get Satana to defend her bullshit. At the begining she just wanted to touch Satana but ended up falling in love with her stupidity, she loves her blindly even tho she knows her feelings will never be reciprocated. So she takes second best: fucking Satana when Zarza isn't looking.


Hentai proportions.

Facial features:
Round face with big red eyes (well, one red eye, she uses a patch to cover the empty eye socket left by a sacrifice where the family used one of her eyes, no biggie.), long lashes and big black eyebrows. She has a button nose and a small pouty mouth with full lips.

Short white hair, she trims it very short but when is longer, it can be a bit curly in the tips.

Curvy and sexy, not tall but not small. White pearly skin, she tries to shave even if she doesn't have much body hair.

Loves white tiny shirts that are very thight on her boobs, doesn't like wearing a bra bc she's lazyand the shirt pressure is enough, usally wears short skirts and uses loafers with long socks. She likes to wear fresh clothes bc she gets hot easily. Skimpy outfits all the way.

She wears too tiny clothes that show off her body and is a bit of an airhead and doesn't notice people ogling her.

Uses tiny white panties.


Smoking, collecting Bizcocho merch, collecting insects and fapping.

Favorite Food:

Voice claims:
TBA tba, tba.

I created her on 2016 as part of some pokemon original characters I wanted to make for some reason. She started being QUITE different from what can be seen now. She is my hentai girl now.

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