About Me

yo! Welcome to my site.

I’m just a simple person who loves art and wants to draw whatever. With whatever I mean I draw niche stuff I love or that makes me feel things and fuel my imagination. This includes many themes that a lot of people might find uncomfortable to deal with.

You can call me groovy, rompope or ocelot, whatever you like best. I come from 3rd world and I'm old and tired. Mi lengua materna es el español, but I write in english so it's easier for the general public.

Art Related

I draw:
-Original characters

General art style:

-Traditional and Digital illustration.
-Basic 3D modeling
-Comics that don’t look like comics
-Graphic Design™ (is actually my profession so yeah)
-Vector illustration

Tools of the trade:
Ipad, ole pc + wacom intuos/huion tablet
Pencil, Bic Pen, coloring pencils, sometimes watercolor, crayons, markers.

Procreate, Clip Studio Painting, PaintTool SAI, Krita, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, After Effects.

Original Artwork, Characters and Story Links

Just Girly Things (tm)


-SICKO characterization of your faves.
-Onahole characterization of your faves.

Pairing taste:
Regular couple, yaoi couple, yuri couple, I see no difference, love is love. ;)

Most drawn Fetishes™:
-Big tits
-Meaty characters
-Skinny boney characters
-Huge cok (Including ALL kinds of phallus)


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This is how my brain was working when I first got internet access. Those were simpler and happier times, I miss them...