Terms of Service


IMPORTANT NOTE!!Some payment places are starting to get invasive with their policies so payment options and sites will be discussed through direct messages if you have any doubts of what site I am refereing to. I'm gonna try to see better payment options but as default I will keep using THAT one very famous and very troublesome site for online payment. The one that starts with a P.

Groovy Terms of Service

When you commission me, you AGREE to these terms

The artist 'groovy ocelot' / 'rompopita' has all the rights to the piece. The artist can use the piece for commercial purposes and to advertise their services. The client can reprint/repost with the GIVEN permission of the artist and the respective credit. The piece cannot be used for commercial purposes by the client like reselling the piece, modifying the artwork, drawing over the finished piece, lineart or the sketches shown to the client, it cannot be recolored or modified in any way meant for reselling the artwork.The client can request for the artwork to not be posted on any medium (the artist’s social media or public spaces) BUT the client will have to pay an extra %50 fee of the total cost of piece for this. (example: a piece with a total of $50 will be paid an extra $25 for it to not be published or used by the artist on any social media.) The artist 'groovy ocelot' / 'rompopita' does NOT permit any of her artworks to be used in any blockchain-related technology, this includes NFTS, cryptocurrency, or any future inventions regarding the matter.

My workflow consists on getting full payment beforehand before I start working on the piece. I will send an invoice for payment trough ppl, so please provide it after we have talked about the commission you’d like. Once payment is due, I will start with a sketch that will be presented to the commissioner to see if there are any changes to be made before continuing with the final lineart and coloring. If commissioner wants a certain type of coloring seen on past artworks of mine, please state at the beggining of the requesting process. If it is not stated, the artist will take creative liberties and the client won't be able to request changes on the coloring after it is done.

The artist will send 3 files: Sketch, Lineart and the Final Colored Piece to an e-mail chosen by the commissioner.

I love exploring all the range of sexual expression in art, but the ones I will throw on the most is the hentai type: huge dongs and tities, floppy squishy bodies, and weird monsters with all of the above.

Briefly put: You read my ToS, choose the type of commission you would like from me, contact me so we can discuss the idea, provide ppl e-mail after we strike the deal, pay, and I start drawing!

The artist does NOT condone any of the acts depicted in her artwork in real life. All characters depicted in her artworks are FICTIONAL and DO NOT HARM any real living people.

Will Draw

♡ Fanart ♡

I will draw shippy and non shippy fanart. Your fave anime or cartoons? No problem!

♡ Original Characters ♡

If you want me to draw your ocs I would gladly draw them! Just make sure to provide all the refs and details to get to know them and draw them on character ♥

♡ Real People ♡

I can draw portraits of your fave performers, your loved ones or you! Self inserts with your fave anime boy or girl? It's okay! I can draw shippy art as well! (for example: hannigram, thorki...that kind of stuff :3) JUST BE AWARE that I will draw in my style, do not expect hyperrealism. Also I won't draw NSFW of real people that aren't ADULTS. Real people drawings are okay as long as it doesn't harm the people being drawn. (Please let's use our common sense, we don't want the real actors/singers/etc of our ships to see our fanart...you wouldn't like if you were shown shippy art of urself with one of your friends or colleages...RPF is a delicate thing and we know how to treat this without being harmful. :) ) Be selfaware when asking for this kind of commission!

♡ Taboo & Obscure Art ♡

I believe in creativity and the exploration of dark and taboo themes in fiction as a part of the human experience. Do you want me to draw incest ships? shotaloli!?!? Gore or your fave being tortured and brainwashed?? Hit me up :D I will draw anything as long as it doesn't hurt REAL PEOPLE. Anime and cartoons live in the realm of fiction.

♡ NSFW ♡

Be it vanilla or kinky stuff, I will draw it! Your fave in a cute erotic pose? Your fave being bred into oblivion? Eroguro?? NECRO?? Fluffy sex??!!!?? No problem! I will draw any kink or fetish, but I can still refuse to draw it if I feel like I can’t provide skill-wise.

Won't Draw

Hateful Art

I won't accept request that involve racism, harrasment of real people, hate speech, violence toward real people, etc. Anything that hurts REAL LIVING PEOPLE I will refuse to draw.

Anything I don't want to

I am in the right to refuse any commission I don't want to take. Be it for personal reasons or for time reasons.

Realism or hyperrealism

I won't draw hyperrealism. If you are looking for hyperrealism or realist looking stuff, there are many artist out there that can provide with that kind of artwork.

Inquiries about Commissions

If you have any question about the subject or theme of your request, feel free to ask! I won't judge or bite you! I am a pretty open minded person. I believe in the freedom art brings and want to make sure my clients are comfortable and that I can provide happiness with my art. Some stuff that I know I have difficulties drawing are mecha (robots, tech elements, machines) and backgrounds. So please ask first if you would like these kind of elements on your commission to see if I can provide. Take note that I will make super stylized art and will make all the effort to depict them accurately, but don't expect 100% accuracy. Also if you are interested on a commission of art for stuff not listed on my style and prices page (like comics, simple 3d art, small animations,etc) feel free to ask and let's talk about pricing!

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