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Milk Delivery


September 8th 1958





None of your business.

She comes from the countryside. Her mother left them when she discovered that his dad was a drag. Zarza is extremely resentful and quiet. You don’t want to be on her bad side. Usually feel-less. Has a permanent angry face. She took after her father both looks and chronic smoking (Smokes since she was 5). Nowadays she works delivering milk from store to store and has her own shitty apartment somewhere.


She lived with her father, her mother left them when she discovered that he was a drag. She wanted nothing to do with them. Zarza became pretty resentful after that, and didn’t trust anyone who got close to his father. His father was a chronic smoker, so she ended up learning to smoke and her father didn’t really mind, he actually taught her to smoke and make her own cigarettes. This all happened when she was very little, she started smoking at 5 years old. Their small house was in a lonely and quiet place, so they lived relatively at peace even if they were very poor. Her father worked at a bar in the town and he would perform there in the evenings. Zarza would accompany him and the regulars and other workers there would befriend her. Her father also worked as a prostitute whenever anyone asked him out. On those days he would make her stay alone at home. Zarza knew, but didn’t want to accept it at first, but then she would understand that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of, it was just another way of work. Zarza’s father taught her everything a father could teach. Including the bad smoking habit. He was a loving father, but he started getting sick and as Zarza grew, she had to take care of everything eventually, until when she was 17 (1975), her father passed away. She took care of their belongings for 5 years more until she saved enough money to go away to the city. She went to the town school but also started working when she was 13, it was only cleaning or preparing the stage for the evenings. That way she also helped her father to maintain both of them. She had a crush with -redacted- and that’s how she discovered she wasn’t attracted to men. Her life looks pretty simple and somewhat sad.

When she got to the city, she looked for work in a milk factory, she’s tall and could get in with the farmers, she was mostly in charge of the birthing cows, she helped cleaning the babies up and helped give them to the mother cows to feed the calves. It was a good job, since the factory was a monopoly of milk, and it could afford to pay their workers a good sum. After working in that area for 6 years, she was promoted to work on sales, she started distributing milk in stores and all and while working on this, she met Satana. Zarza was living comfortably but also was greedy, she always lamented that she couldn’t help her father when he started getting sick and couldn’t afford treatment. So now she just saves all her money and hates to spend it unnecessarily. When she first went to town, she discovered the Snake cult, in town you get to see a lot of posters and billboards with all kinds of shit, she never believed in anything, especially not the fake message of the god religion, since it was mostly words and ‘believe and u will have it eventually’ but the snake provided real tangible stuff with its power, the sad thing was that it only served people worth of it, POWERFUL people. So it was mostly a dream to meet the Snake or have an amulet. What she couldn´t never know would happen to her was that she would fall for one of those powerful family descendants and would be able to meet the snake personally (well, Satana was the one who noticed her first and was there pushing with her big dumb tits).

Zarza Timeline

Zarza is born, she is left by her mother and his dad raises her, at 5 yrs her dad taught her to smoke, at 13 she started working a town’s bar, at 17 her father dies, at 22 she goes to live in the city, leaving her old house abandoned, at 22 she has the luck of finding job in the milk factory helping in the birth of calf, a 27 she is promoted to provide milk to stores (milk delivery) she meets Satana at 30 in one of her trips selling. At 35, both Satana and her are working together.


Satana Caligari:

Zarza was 30 when she met Satana. Zarza was a delivery girl and accidentally met with Satana. When they met, Zarza was opening a milk gallon because the store clerk was pestering her about some being spoiled and Satana accidentally bumped into Zarza and all the milk fell on her white shirt. ATM Zarza was angry but mesmerized at the sight of the huge tits of the girl. Satana apologized and Zarza went to her vespa and gave Satana her work coat, since she had to get those tits covered in some way. The next time Zarza visited the store, Satana was there wearing her coat and when Satana noticed she was there, she ran to greet her and give her coat back, but something inside Zarza wanted her to keep it. And she kept it. After that Satana would talk to Zarza everytime she went to the store. When Satana is 20, Zarza makes her try to get a job where she works and then they start working together.


Chikote hates Zarza with all her might (How dare this bitch steal the tits of her life???) but have to stand being in each other's presence for Satana. Chikote is unbearable by nature, so is only natural to feel some grade of rejection towards her. Zarza mostly ignores her, but when it comes to Satana, she goes full murder eyes on Chikote. Relationship can be compared to that of a grumpy cat and a bothersome fly.


Pinkish tan skin, freckles on face and arms.

Facial features:
Long face with narrowed eyes. Black pupils. Face has freckles and her nose is big and sharp.

She has a messy curly orange nest of a hair. Can look like some kind of devilish horns or can be elegantly put down with gel.

Tall. Long. Skinny but sturdy. Good for heavy work on farms and carrying stuff around.

She uses big T-shirts with funny brand logos on them, sleeveless undershirt enjoyer, but also has a tendency of using black sleeveless turtleneck croptops.

For foot wear she either uses long ass boots or simple chanclas.

She ends up looking more 'feminine' than Satana on elegant occasions.


Smoking, spending time with Satana. Collecting Bizcocho merch.

Favorite Food:

Voice claims:
TBA tba, tba.

I created her on 2016 as part of some pokemon original characters I wanted to make for some reason. She started being quite different from what can be seen now.

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